Manual deburring machine METAGRIND

A manually operated machine designed for deburring, edge rounding, and smoothing the edges of sheet metal and metal parts after punching, laser cutting, or HD plasma cutting. This original product is developed and manufactured by METAKOV®.

The working tool is a motorized head that the operator guides over the workpiece in circular motions. Easy positioning of the head is enabled by its placement on a pantographic arm mounted on rolling bearings. The head features a quick-change system for original rotating discs.

An integrated stepless speed control allows optimization of the machining intensity. The machine is equipped with suction. Processing smaller parts is facilitated by an integrated suction table with dimensions of 300 x 300 mm. The integrated extraction system can also be used to clean the machine after grinding. The machine is equipped with an air cylinder that provides simple and effective pressure on the grinding surface, with adjustable pressure settings as a standard feature.

Motor engine range

800 – 2 200 RPM

Max. worktable load

200 kg

Worktable dimensions

1 500 x 880 mm

Reliably removes burrs and rounds sharp edges

Basic Features and Benefits

Efficient Down Pressure

The air cylinder provides simple and efficient pressure on the grinding surface.

Safe for Smaller Parts

The integrated suction table with dimensions of 300×300 mm keeps smaller products in place.

Dust Minimization

The head is equipped with integrated dust extraction for greater work comfort.

Quick Tool Changes

The head features a quick-change disc system, allowing you to change discs in seconds.

Wide Selection of Tools

You can choose from a wide range of grinding and flap discs for the METAGRIND.

Quickly Visible Results

Sharp edges are dulled and surfaces polished in just a few seconds.



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Worktable dimensions 1 500 x 880 mm
Motor engine range 800 – 2 200 RPM
Tools dimensions 150 mm
Arm reach radius 2 000 mm
Max. worktable dimensions 200 kg
Machine input 3,8 kW
Power 3 / N / PE, 3x 400 V, PEN 50 Hz / TN-S
Machine size / weight 1,6 x 1 x 1,6 m / 400 kg
Compressed air 4 – 10 MPa

Frequently Asked Questions

Our manual deburring machine, METAGRIND, is manufactured and assembled in Slovakia.

Usually, at least one unit is in stock and ready for shipment.

We will send the price list immediately upon receiving a request at or

No, METAGRIND is entirely manufactured and assembled at METAKOV in Slovakia.