Laser cutting

Sheet Metal Cutting – CNC Laser Cutting

We’ve been specializing in laser cutting of sheet metal for nearly 20 years now. Compared to traditional mechanical cutting systems, laser cutting offers several advantages. One of them is excellent repeatability – prescribed tolerances are always reliably maintained.

Since laser cutting doesn’t require any tools, production is efficient and fast. There’s practically no limitation on the desired shape of the cutouts – shapes of almost any complexity can be cut. In preparing for production, we strive to utilize your material as efficiently as possible, minimizing waste and thus reducing costs for the customer.

Our technologies

At METAKOV, we use lasers with power of up to 6kW, enabling us to process standard sheets of structural steel up to 20 mm thickness, stainless steel up to 15 mm thickness, and aluminum alloys up to 10 mm thickness, with a maximum input material size of 2000×4000 mm.

FIBER laser GENIUS LGf 1530/6000W Prima Power
CO2 laser PLATINO 1530/CM4500 Prima Power

Modern cutting machines are equipped with either CO2 or fiber technology. The principle of operation involves converting electrical energy into light, which is concentrated into a single small point. The beam is then amplified, and in the case of fiber lasers, directed into a fiber. The heat-affected zone is extremely small, ranging from 0.05 to 0.3 mm. The width of the cutting joint varies from 0.1 to 0.4 mm. The advantage is minimal burrs on the underside of the cut sheet metal.

Accompanying technologies

Edge dulling

For oxide removal, edge rounding, and surface grinding, we use hand-guided machines or a continuous belt sander.


We sandblast the steel parts in hanging cabin semi-automatic machines. The surface is roughened and ready for further finishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheets, ground stainless steel, aluzink, ferro zinc, lacquer coated sheets, double-sided foiled sheets, aluminum alloys and more...

The length of production depends on the complexity of the part. The simple cutouts will be ready in 3 days.

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