powder coating

Coating sheet metal parts with durable powder paint

We conduct powder coating on our own continuous line with a three-stage, state-of-the-art chemical pretreatment based on nanotechnology. The powder coating process itself involves several steps. At METAKOV, we offer a wide range of colors from glossy to matte, resistant to external weathering effects; simply specify the desired RAL shade.

Our technologies

Continuous powder coating line
Ideal Line / IPO ECOLOGY

“We use our own continuous painting line, with the option for both automatic and manual painting. Initially, products (mostly metal parts) are degreased, preparing their surface for paint application. Subsequently, a fine powder is applied, covering the entire surface of the product. The product then progresses to the curing oven, where the powder is heated, ‘melting’ to form a uniform coating firmly adhered to the product’s surface.

The result is a surface treatment that is highly durable and visually appealing.

Accompanying technologies

Edge dulling

For oxide removal, edge rounding, and surface grinding, we use hand-guided machines or a continuous belt sander.


We sandblast the steel parts in hanging cabin semi-automatic machines. The surface is roughened and ready for further finishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum sheets, brushed stainless, aluzinc, ferozinc, plastisol-coated sheets, double-sided laminated sheets, aluminum alloys, etc.

The length of production depends on the complexity of the part. The simple cutouts will be ready in 3 days.

Send your requests to our email address dopyt@metakov.sk

For fast processing, please send us drawings in pdf, dxf, dwg, step format.