Laser tube cutting

dividing tubes with laser

If you’re seeking a more efficient and precise method for cutting pipes and profiles, we offer you 3D laser cutting. The use of precise laser beams for cutting tubes and profiles provides several advantages compared to other material cutting methods. It’s a faster and more accurate process with minimal heat impact on the material being cut, resulting in less waste and fewer errors.

We offer you high-quality cuts with smooth edges, eliminating the need for further processing. Ensuring high dimensional and geometrical accuracy of the finished products is standard.

Our technologies

3D laser Adige LT652 for cutting tubes

We offer processing of closed steel and stainless steel profiles up to a length of 6500 mm. The maximum dimensions we can process include circular profiles with diameters ranging from 12 to 140 mm, or square profiles with sides ranging from 12 to 140 mm, with a maximum material weight of 15 kg/1m.

Our modern technology can locate the weld position of the profile, check torsional twisting and eccentricity of square and rectangular profiles, minimize material waste to just 75 mm, and provide high operational performance with an automatic loader and unloader.”

CNC laser cutting represents a progressive technology in processing profiled materials with high repeated accuracy.

Accompanying technologies


For the cut sheet metal parts, we tap threads ranging from M3 to M20. We perform thermal drilling and thread forming ranging from M5 to M10.

Edge dulling

For oxide removal, edge rounding, and surface grinding, we use hand-guided machines or a continuous belt sander.

Frequently Asked Questions

Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum sheets, brushed stainless, aluzinc, ferozinc, plastisol-coated sheets, double-sided laminated sheets, aluminum alloys, etc.

The length of production depends on the complexity of the part. The simple cutouts will be ready in 3 days.

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For fast processing, please send us drawings in pdf, dxf, dwg, step format.